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725 Pike Street, Second Floor
Washington State Convention &
Trade Center
Seattle, Washington 98101
fast eddie smoothie taking over the world one fast eddy at a time

In 2010, The Juicy Café opened its flagship cafe in the Washington Trade & Convention Center, located in Seattle, WA. Abigail, the owner, has over 18 years experience with juicing and healthy lifestyle promotion. The mission of the Juicy Café is to promote healthy living by providing a pure juice and food service.

We support our customers in their quest for a healthy lifestyle. Our fresh juice and bowls are pure, simple, and full of flavor. We are also dedicated to quality and innovation in food preparation. We take traditional recipes and design healthy juice-based alternatives. Our juices and smoothies are made to order and the food is made daily, in-house, batched in small quantities. Our high-fiber food and drinks are always delicious and are always low in fat, sodium, and calories. We source the best ingredients and use organic produce whenever possible. We are very proud of our juices and bowls and we always strive to keep prices affordable.

We appreciate our loyal and supportive customers. The lines keep growing and loyal followers keep coming back to the Juicy Café. Visit the Juicy Café and join the transition to a healthy lifestyle!


⁃ We serve fresh and fast cuisine, juices, and smoothies.
⁃ We use fresh produce only.
⁃ We operate 100% free of processed sugar.
⁃ We love fresh produce.
⁃ We use compostable cups for our juices and smoothies.
⁃ We offer vegan, gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian, and dairy-free options.
⁃ We make fresh Juicy Café sauces that are low-fat, high-fiber, low-calorie, and low-sodium.
⁃ We aim to keep our prices affordable, so everyone can live the Juicy lifestyle.
⁃ We believe that exercise is an important addition to any healthy routine.
⁃ We try to know our customers by name and we enjoy watching them make healthy choices.

Check out our monthly fitness + health tips on Abigail's blog.